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Adjusting to stress and work transformation

Zen management and stress reduction.
Professional stress finds its source in the overload of requirements and their multiple nature.
Meditating regularly alleviates the effects of stress and decreases the occurrence of psychosocial disorders.

Neuroscience to better manage teams

How to reconcile performance and well-being at work?
Neuroscience shows how much concentration at work conditions employee productivity.
Zen and neuroscience are helpful to perceive emotions and reduce mental load.

Oriental wisdom for the business of the future

Traditional Chinese medicine explains the energy effects of Zen meditation. Zazen posture enables energy flow in the body and restores balance when it is disturbed.
Inn energy is transformed into Yang by analogy with the transformation of work.


We believe in the relevance of an offer that integrates medicine, meditation and neuroscience. We see this as a form of intangible innovation.


By understanding how our mind works, we can make choices and reconcile, harmonize with the present.


management zen pour la gestion du stress et la prévention des risques psycho sociaux
Management zen pour la gestion du stress.
My job allowed me to rub shoulders with students, patients and doctors on a daily basis who, each in their own way, lived their dreams, their values and their suffering. During my work in a company, I realized the urgency with which managers and employees are looking for consistency between their values and their profession. This is how we understand the importance of Zen management and stress reduction
Management zen pour la gestion du stress.

a scientific experience serving our vision

Jacques Borg  is a doctor, an expert in neuroscience. He has led research teams in neuroscience, with around a hundred international publications. He is also a practitioner of Chinese medicine and Zen meditation

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