work otherwise, think differently, merely meditate

Innovative solutions that integrate meditation, neuromanagement and human body energy.

OUR SOLUTIONS are based on three pillars

méditation stress et charge mentale

Balancing energies in accordance with traditional medicine

Stress, meditation and mental load.

According to traditional medicine breathing is said to activate mental energy . Likewise, emotions pass on. It is therefore useless to be attached to them. That is the idea of emotional intelligence .

Through the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel, zazen posture and deep breathing will build up qi (vital energy), as well as ancestral energy.
méditation stress et charge mentale

decode neuroscience and manage

Let’s focus on the moment, stop responding, pause and notice the context. Thanks to silence, we give full attention to the experience, we are entirely committed. In addition, neuroscience shows us how to develop respect for differences and recognition of each other’s values. Meditation enhances collective intelligence and cohesion.
méditation stress et charge mentale

Meditation helps developing attention and adjustment to stress

Meditation significantly improves attention skills. The mind is fully available to the current action.

Meditation inhibits the cortico-limbic pathway, thereby reducing stress. In response to a stressor, meditation enables adapted action and attenuates dominance of the primitive brain.

Stress, meditation and mental load. acknowledge neuroscience in order to:

méditation stress et charge mentale

Get involved into neuromanagement

Promote cognitive flexibility because strength of the group is fueled by differences. A caring manager fosters recognition and emotional intelligence.

Decrease mental load

Avoid distraction. Let the mind be available to the current action. Focus on this moment, give it a hold when facing an obstacle, notice emotions, all that will reduce mental load.

Develop efficiency

Mobilizing your energy in order to achieve right posture means training for optimal performance. During meditation our mind can feel its strength, equilibrium and fortitude.

Practicing a zengyo session means full experience of attention

How are sessions organized ?

One shot: «compact » training: 1 to 3 days

«Regular»  training:
1-2 h weekly session per 8-10 persons groups during two months

performance et management zen
attention au travail pour augmenter la performance Borg

One topic for each session

    • presentation of daily topic
  • attendees comments
  • practice  : sit down and notice zazen



to make an effort (cf Borg scale)

sitting (in zazen posture )

to live the experience of a team

is not


being sitted (hands off)

standard personal development

they trust us

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