Awareness of the issues, authentic performance

zen et intelligence émotionnelle

Our commitment: to help you understand and experience how the brain works

Meditation, neurosciences quality of work life .

Different areas of the brain (prefrontal cortex, limbic circuit) interact in the management of stress, improvement of attention, perception of emotions.

A regular practice of meditation reduces the activity of  amygdala and cortico-limbic circuit. The secretion of stress hormones by hypothalamus decreases. This leads to meditation, neuroscience and quality of work life.

There is a direct link between neuroplasticity, meditation and learning. Memory capacities are improved by the formation of new neural networks.



Méditation neurosciences qualité de vie au travail

Optimizing executive functions

Improving attention at the workplace

Decision making process based on issues, rather than beliefs or emotions

Upgrade skills and creativity, test & learn

Optimize leadership potential

Enhance collective intelligence

Méditation neurosciences qualité de vie au travail

Human capital management

Reduce recurrent absenteeism, turnover.

Prevent psychosocial risk factors, burn-out

Implement feed back, employee recognition and improve engagement

Take into account QWL request
Reduce mental load

Méditation neurosciences qualité de vie au travail

Developing skills

Stress adjustment by coping with the issues.

Creating trust, leave doubt.

Observe facts without getting attached to emotions.

Clarify automatic cognitive process vs adapted, logical thinking.

Do not be disorganized by the unexpected, avoid suffering mental overload, focus on what is crucial.

For whichever economic area or company structure, we take care of the challenges you are facing, we are attentive to your needs and to your organization.

Operational design with purpose of context adaptation. We follow up our mission pointing for a long lasting benefit.

management Borg pour améliorer l'engagement
Awareness of performance, perform solutions

Are we made to meet?

Méditation neurosciences qualité de vie au travail

Here are the areas where we operate

  • Industry
  • Building contractors
  • Service providers
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Public services
  • Hospital (patients and caregivers)
  • Pro sport teams
Méditation neurosciences qualité de vie au travail

Corporate structures in which we operate

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Large scale businesses
  • Local authorities
  • Associations
  • Adapted company
what is Zengyo ?

ZENGYO is zen, consciousness and gyo, practice

We are focused on cooperation and trust.

Awareness of issues, authentic performance.

We care for intangible assets (cf Jouyet-Lévy report on Economie de l’Immatériel, 2006).

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